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Voice of customer: AlRawaf Qassim, Buraidah, Saudi Arabia
Published on 7/17/2023

MR. KHALID IBRAHIM ALRAWAF, Executive Chairman, AlRawaf

Location: Qassim, Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

Business activity: Infrastructure and Construction Contracting

AlRawaf Contracting is a subsidiary of the conglomerate Sakef Holding, operating business in construction, contracting, urban development, infrastructure, and energy solutions.
Since 1996 and for more than 27 years, AlRawaf has been building strong and long-term relationships with its partners and clients by providing high-quality services and products locally and globally.
With a history of more than 160 Mega Projects collaborating with 25 different organizations, AlRawaf has positioned itself as one of the top construction and infrastructure solutions in Saudi Arabia.
And that’s why it’s working on the biggest Saudi Project in the last decade NEOM, powered by Komatsu machinery.

Komatsu, Abdul Latif Jameel, and AlRawaf: Growth that Stems from A 20-Year Partnership

Mr. Khalid Ibrahim AlRawaf, Executive Chairman, points out that Komatsu and AlRawaf partnership started more than 20 years ago.
He recalls the first deal between AlRawaf and Abdul Latif Jameel, which was in 2010 and 2011 right after the Komatsu and Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery collaboration.

“Our partnership with Komatsu started more than 20 years ago.”

20 years and counting, AlRawaf and Komatsu partnership is still going strong with Komatsu being a key supplier of all types of construction machinery. With consistent annual purchases, Mr. Khalid sees Komatsu as a trusted, long-term partner, “We have been doing business with them for two decades now. Komatsu promised to deliver real value, and deliver they did.”

Komatsu’s Creating Value Together In Line with AlRawaf Construction Activities

100 years of Komatsu means 100 years of driving efficiency, productivity, and safety with high-quality manufacturing and technology innovation. Made in Japan, developed and produced completely in-house, this commitment to quality is at the heart of all things that Komatsu does and aligns with AlRawaf’s business vision.

“Mega Projects Need Mega Machinery.”

In fact, Mr. Khalid highlights the importance of Komatsu’s machinery quality and reliability to AlRawaf, being at the top of the list of requirements that make Komatsu their partner of choice.
This allows AlRawaf to push beyond boundaries and efficiently manage large-scale projects, including NEOM and Green Riyadh infrastructure, with a powerful fleet that has the firepower to meet the demands of jobs this size.
“This year, we are undertaking various big and complex projects. Saudi Arabia is now growing in a way that corresponds to the new vision of 2030.
Mega projects need mega machinery. And we are relying on Komatsu to provide us with advanced machinery and equipment to operate at full productivity and speed”, he says.

“Komatsu machinery is known for its productivity, and we really value it. It is considered the machinery that records the highest level of production.”

Komatsu’s technologically advanced machinery boasts exceptional quality and productivity. 
“Komatsu machinery is known for its productivity, and we really value it.
It is considered the machinery that records the highest level of production.
”While AlRawaf is always looking to invest in Komatsu’s next-gen construction equipment, Komatsu’s speed is indispensable. It’s the combination that AlRawaf is always looking for, and it’s exactly what Komatsu has always been able to deliver.

“Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery’s high-speed support has always been a key advantage over any other, both in terms of delivery and maintenance.”

According to Mr. Khalid, “Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery’s high-speed support has always been a key advantage over any other, both in terms of delivery and maintenance. It’s one of the reasons that makes this collaboration a successful one.
They always ensure timely delivery, always ready to resolve any after-sales issue, and always ready to swing into action for breakdowns, maintenance, and factory defects, if any.”

A Seamless Experience

Perhaps one of the things that Mr. Khalid has been most appreciative of is the smooth customer journey from the machinery selection stage to the after-sales support.
Mr. Khalid mentions that the decision of purchasing machinery and equipment is a complex one, but it’s always made easier with the unwavering support they found from Komatsu’s agent Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery.
For AlRawaf, Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery is a true ambassador of Komatsu.
“From the very beginning, they have always been supportive and a fair party between both us and Komatsu, providing us with the service we deserve and what protects our interests with Komatsu.”

Paving the Way for the Future of AlRawaf and Saudi Vision 2030

AlRawaf is looking at things differently with the Saudi Vision 2030. He explains that “the scale of demand for machinery in the construction sector is increasing exponentially with the Saudi Vision 2030. The previous years were only setting the foundation for this vision.
Now, it’s time for high-scale construction projects”. 
He also adds “AlRawaf, accordingly, is looking to invest in more machinery in various models and less time in order to be able to deliver projects on time”, which is why they’ll be looking forward to a continuous and successful collaboration with Komatsu.

In turn, Komatsu is committed to tapping into this transformative shift in the Kingdom, bringing to the game the values and promise that make Komatsu a recognized manufacturer and what it strives to achieve in business and for the world, namely quality, durability, sustainability, and safety.