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Voice of customer: Mofarreh Marzouq Al-Harbi & Partners, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Published on 9/12/2022

Sheikh Marzouq Al Harbi, CEO, Mofarreh Marzouq Al-Harbi & Partners

Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Business activity: Construction contracting

Mofarreh Marzouq Al-Harbi & Partners (M. M. Al-Harbi), has established itself as one of the most prominent contracting companies in Saudi Arabia offering the full spectrum of services for the construction and infrastructure sectors. M.M. Al-Harbi boasts a client list comprising the top public and private sector companies in Saudi Arabia including Neom, Red Sea Development Company, Modon, Roshn, Royal Commission for Jubail and Royal Commission for Al-Ula. In recognition of the company achievements, the Saudi Contractors Authority recently named M. M. Al-Harbias the best contractor in Saudi Arabia at the 2022 edition of the Future Projects Forum held in Riyadh.

To cater to several large-scale simultaneously, M. M. Al-Harbi maintains a modernized fleet of construction equipment including several Komatsu excavators and dozers. Sheikh Marzouq Al Harbi, CEO, Mofarreh Marzouq Al-Harbi & Partners, explains the value of high-quality, reliable construction equipment and the factors that affect the company’s investment decisions.

“Construction equipment is integral to our business as a contractor, and therefore, constitute a major part of our capital and operating expenses. Our investment decisions depend on several factors, starting with the performance, quality and lifecycle of equipment and their compatibility with emission standards. These decisions are relatively easy to make when evaluating a world-class manufacturer. For example, Komatsu is one of our favorite brands, and we are strong advocates of its value proposition. Our relationship with Komatsu is as old as our company; my father, the founder of the company, set up our construction equipment fleet in the 1970s with Komatsu bulldozers. The more complex decision process is that of selecting a local partner that can offer exceptional after-sales service and support in Saudi Arabia because after-sales can constitute a significant share of the investment in construction machines. The high standards of a world-leading manufacturer may not necessarily be maintained by its local dealer or distributor. Having dealt with several suppliers in the past that were not able to live up to our high expectations, I can say that local partnerships are the game changers to our customer experience.”


The rapid growth in the infrastructure and construction sectors in Saudi Arabia driven by the Saudi Vision 2030 program necessitates investment in new machinery that can meet the productivity and sustainability requirements of future job sites.


Marzouq elaborates on the importance of the contractor-supplier relationship to the success of its construction projects.

“Contracting is a dynamic business that faces challenges throughout the duration of a project, and therefore, demands strong supplier relationships. When we commit to a project schedule and budget, we expect all our suppliers to deliver on time, whether it’s an equipment, spare part or service. Equipment is prone to failure during operations, which may require immediate repair or technical support for which the supplier needs to have an open communication channel with us and be prepared with the resources to deliver spare parts, training or cater to any other requirement on a site. Being able to respond promptly with a solution demonstrates the real capabilities of a supplier. In this regard, Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery has played a major role in strengthening our relationship with Komatsu. Since taking over as Komatsu’s distributor in 2014, Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery has always prioritized customer feedback and ensured that our concerns are addressed. We appreciate the collaborative working relationship they have established with us over the years, which has significantly improved our customer experience with Komatsu.”

The rapid growth in the infrastructure and construction sectors in Saudi Arabia driven by the Saudi Vision 2030 program necessitates investment in new machinery that can meet the productivity and sustainability requirements of future job sites. Marzouq indicates the company’s fleet expansion plans in the context of the high demand and low supply of equipment in the market.

“We are highly optimistic about the Saudi Vision 2030 program, and the next few years will be a very special period for the contracting sector. As large-scale projects boost the demand for advanced construction equipment, we are gearing up for renewal and modernization of our fleet with new features that improve the safety and productivity of operators while also reducing the impact on the environment. “The Saudi market is on an upward trajectory and its next phase of growth will need more resilient supply chains to fulfil demand in the coming years. The major risk in the near future is the availability of new equipment due to the global supply chain crisis. A large number of our projects tend to have urgent requirements for equipment, and a shortage of equipment can affect project timelines. Here’s where we will rely on the combined strengths of Komatsu and Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery to help us tackle new challenges. We are encouraged by Komatsu’s brand promise of “creating value together” and Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery’s relentless support, which is a testament to their commitment to the growth of our business.”