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All Komatsu crawler excavators share a number of features such as class-leading power output, stability, lifting capacity and operator comfort. Also Komatsu large excavators are designed to do all those tasks fast and efficiently to maximize production. You have your choice of backhoe or shovel and diesel engines or electric motors to match the machine to your job. 

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  • PC500LC-10R (EN / AR)
  • PC850-8R1 (EN / AR)
  • PC1250-11R (EN / AR)
  • PC2000-11R (EN / AR)
  • PC3000-6 (EN)
  • PC3400-11M0 (EN)
  • PC4000-11 (EN)
  • PC5500-6 (EN)
  • PC7000-11 (EN)
  • PC8000-11 (EN)


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Wheel loaders

Highly versatile and featuring a perfect mix of power, comfort and reliability, Komatsu wheel loaders set new standards for the industry and always offer exceptional tractive force and ultralow fuel consumption.

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  • WA470-6R (EN / AR)
  • WA500-6R (EN / AR)
  • WA600-6R (EN / AR)
  • WA900-8R (EN / AR)
  • WA1200-6 (EN)
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Dump trucks

With their powerful Komatsu engines, exceptional strength and state-of-the-art design, Komatsu dump trucks transport heavy loads quickly, easily and cost effectively. Dump Trucks are available in rigid or articulated version.

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  • HD325-7R (EN / AR)
  • HD465-7R (EN / AR)
  • HD605-7R (EN / AR)
  • HD785-7 (EN / AR)
  • HD1500-8 (EN / AR)
  • 730E-10 (EN)
  • 830E-5 (EN)
  • HM400-3R (EN / AR)

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Komatsu bulldozers combine a comfortable operator environment with the latest bulldozer technology giving excellent performance over the whole working cycle.

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  • D155A-6 (EN / AR)
  • D275A-5R (EN / AR)
  • D375A-6R (EN / AR)
  • D475A-5E0 (EN / AR)
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Komatsu graders combines high performance and fuel efficiency, operator comfort, safety and easy serviceability.

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  • GD755-5R (EN / AR)
  • GD825A-2 (EN / AR)
  • GD955-7 (EN)

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