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Voice of customer: AL-Ayuni, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Published on 7/24/2023


ENG. ALI H. AL-AYUNI, General Supervisor of AL-AYUNI Equipment

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Business activity: Construction, Energy, Urban Development, and Transportation Network Building

AL-AYUNI group is one of the biggest road construction companies in Saudi Arabia, known for its turnkey projects owned by the ministry of transportation (MOT) and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA).
AL-AYUNI was established in the early sixties by Hamad Abdullah Al-Ayuni as a sub-contractor and turned into a general contractor for road construction in 1972.
In 2006, AL-AYUNI was classified as a first-class contractor, and in addition to its business in roads, bridges, railways, and buildings, it added mining, precast production, real estate, automotive, information technology, and energy to its business lines.
AL-AYUNI is currently working on the Saudi largest projects NEOM and AMAALA providing various types of services for both the public and private sectors.

Komatsu and AL-AYUNI Joined Forces 60 Years Ago:
Shaping the History of the Saudi Construction and Contracting Sector

Komatsu and AL-AYUNI partnership is a story of success and collaboration with far-reaching outcomes - a story that started over half a century ago.
Asking Eng. Ali H. Al-Ayuni, the General Supervisor of AL-AYUNI Equipment about this strategic partnership, he recalls that the first experience with Komatsu machinery was in the sixties.
That was when AL-AYUNI was still a subcontractor and before Abul Latif Jameel came into the picture.
Looking back on this trusted partnership, Eng. Abdulaziz bin Suliman Al Hedaithy, AL-AYUNI President & CEO, adds that the collaboration between Komatsu and AL-AYUNI has evolved and been growing steadily since then, kicking off with full force when Abdul Latif Jameel became Komatsu’s agent in Saudi Arabia.
A partnership that has empowered AL-AYUNI across a diverse portfolio of construction projects over the years.
And today, Komatsu is helping AL-AYUNI redefine the construction development in the Kingdom.

“Today, Komatsu is the number one choice for AL-AYUNI in terms of quality, reliability, reputation, and cooperation, and I hope Komatsu remains our top supplier in the coming years.”

Komatsu: In A Class of Their Own

Built with quality and reliability in mind, Komatsu’s machinery is recognized for maintaining the highest levels of productivity and long-term performance.
Perhaps this is why Eng. Abdulaziz and Eng. Ali bring this up about Komatsu machinery.
They believe that Komatsu machinery doesn’t only meet the expectations, but exceeds them.
In their own words, “Komatsu’s extraordinary machinery is unlike anything else on the market.”

“Komatsu’s extraordinary machine is unlike anything else on the market.”

Additionally, Eng. Abdulaziz tags on saying that quality isn’t only about providing high-performing machinery, but essentially extends to service quality and postpurchase support, including technical support, maintenance, and spare parts management.
These dimensions of quality are a key factor for AL-AYUNI operations and an edge that Komatsu and its agent Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery offer with so much confidence and ease.
Eng. Ali also lays emphasis on how indispensable the role that Komatsu’s high-speed support services play in terms of delivery and maintenance.
“All these years with Komatsu and Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery, we have not encountered any issues, neither in repair and maintenance nor in supplying spare parts”, says Ali.
On that subject, Eng. Abdulaziz points out “Certainly, challenges are inevitable in every working relationship, but Komatsu and Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery strive to overcome any challenges, which gives us the much-needed peace of mind.
They are always there for support, from the day we buy the machinery to the day it operates, and whenever we need maintenance until the end of its life span.”

The Right Blend of Quality and Operating Capacity Cost

As an established contracting company, AL-AYUNI has specific criteria in place when purchasing new machinery. While quality and reliability come first, operating capacity costs are second.
When capacity production increases, so do operating capacity costs, especially for an entity like AL-AYUNI managing a multitude of projects.
But with Komatsu, AL-AYUNI found their criteria fulfilled.
The Made-in-Japan highly-advanced machinery is built not just for one life but for multiple lives.

A Roadmap to the Future

Saudi Arabia’s construction industry continues to lead the MENA region, experiencing significant growth in 2022 and demonstrating its commitment to transforming the country in line with its Vision 2030.
According to Eng. Abdulaziz, “2022 witnessed a huge volume of business in the Saudi market, which necessarily required the availability of an astounding amount of large machinery”.
As a result of the mega growth of the Saudi construction industry in the previous year, he believes that “2023 and 2024 are going to be an extension of 2022”.
Eng. Ali concurs, stating that while every year, they have a specific purchase budget, in 2022, things didn’t go as planned.
They had to go beyond their budget and request more machinery to cope with the company’s increased operations.
Surprisingly, both Eng. Ali and Eng. Abdulaziz explained that nevertheless, 2022 had a shortage of machinery and a very long supply period that might have had an impact on the industry.
However, there’s so much trust put into Komatsu and Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery to facilitate and maximize the availability of machinery upon request to meet today’s and the future’s large volume of market demand in the Kingdom.