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Voice of customer: AL Hadeel for Crushers Company, Jordan
Published on 3/8/2024


Eng. Ala’a Abu Helaleh, AL Hadeel for Crushers Company, Executive Manager

Location: Jordan

AL Hadeel for Crushers Company

 Where Machine Productivity Matters 

Headquartered in Jordan, AL Hadeel stands as a prominent mining company in addition to the outstanding experience in the general constructions. Since its inception in 2009, the company has played a pivotal role in advancing Jordan's mining industry, contributing significantly to its development and overall growth.
As AL Hadeel continues to achieve remarkable milestones in its journey, it consistently relies on the robust machinery provided by Komatsu. Recently, we had the privilege of meeting with Eng. Ala’a Abu Helaleh, AL Hadeel’s executive manager. During our discussion, he shared with us the key factors that have solidified their trust in Komatsu.


Prioritizing Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness: A Winning Formula  

Reaching optimum profitability requires striking the right balance between machine productivity and operational costs. So do the expenses associated with regular repairs, periods of downtime, and high fuel or maintenance needs. This is one of the primary factors that shape AL Hadeel’s decision on machinery selection as Eng. Abu Helaleh reveals.
Readily accessible spare parts as well as prompt maintenance are vital to minimizing downtime and keeping the machines running at peak performance, which AL Hadeel also sees as critical factors.




“We consistently seek for a reliable supplier that offers competitive advantages to the business, and we are thankful to NEEC for their accessibility and immediate support .”



Komatsu machinery excels on multiple fronts that are crucial for maximizing the profitability at AL Hadeel's worksites, Eng. Abu Helaleh elaborates. Beyond low operational cost, in terms of diesel consumption and spare parts’ affordability, AL Hadeel also receives top-quality after-sales support from Komatsu's distributor, Near East, whenever needed.
This full equation of peak productivity, minimal operational budgets, and responsive customer service creates a winning formula for the Al Hadeel and Komatsu partnership.


The Near East Top-Tier Fleet Maintenance: Second to None  

Given the scale of AL Hadeel’s fleet, reliable maintenance is paramount for preserving the machines' longevity and overall lifespan. Eng. Abu Helaleh explains that their PC1250 had achieved over 27,000 operating hours by the time it joined their fleet, which required constant support from The Near East to sustain its optimal operation even after such extensive usage. He emphasized how The Near East skilled technicians have demonstrated superior support by closely monitoring the machine’s performance and delivering the necessary maintenance.
He believes Komatsu machinery is more productive with fewer downtime-inducing repairs. This high level of durability and reliability is the foremost reason for recommending Komatsu to others.
While Al Hadeel’s choice of machinery for this project is Komatsu, they are looking ahead to more expansions, confident that Komatsu will continue empowering their growth vision through innovative solutions, reliably supported by Near East's regional expertise. No matter where the opportunities of tomorrow lead Al Hadeel, Komatsu's high-performance machinery will undoubtedly pave the way.