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Voice of customer: Ma’an Contracting Company Ltd, Amman, Jordan
Published on 3/8/2024


Eng. Ahmed Abu Rakhieh, Ma’an Contracting Company Ltd, Executive Manager

Location: Amman, Jordan

Ma’an Contracting Company Ltd


A Key Alliance for Sustainability

With a history dating back to 1998, Ma'an Contracting Company has been at the forefront of the mining industry. Over the years, it has established its position as a pioneering company in screening and transportation, offering unparalleled solutions for the challenging terrain of Jordan. Its exceptional standards and wealth of experience has been nurturing its resolute vision to deliver top-quality services to each and every customer.
To realize this ambitious vision, the company is dedicated to a continuous process of enhancing and optimizing its operations through strategic policies and plans. These endeavors aim to significantly contribute to the enrichment of the mining sector, both within and beyond the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and to earn the trust of customers by firmly upholding the principles of credibility, professionalism, and unwavering commitment.
As a proud member of the Jordanian Contractors Association, Ma’an abides by all the laws and regulations governing the contracting sector. It also serves as the parent company of several institutions and companies, each of which is considered an arm that contributes to the development and advancement of Ma’an. These include the Sahara Company for earthworks, the Al-Mustanda Company for Road Transport as well as other individual foundations.


25-Year Legacy with Komatsu Driving A Lifetime of Success 

The relationship between Ma'an and Komatsu is deep-rooted, stretching back over 25 fruitful years of collaboration. With a touch of nostalgia, Eng. Ahmed Abu Rakhieh Ma'an Executive Manager, fondly recalls the genesis of this enduring partnership. "We have a long-standing relationship with Komatsu that began in the late 1980s and early 90s.
As Eng. Abu Rakhieh elaborates, while Ma'an was officially established as a first-class contracting company in 2009, its origins trace back to 1996 -1997 when was known as transportation and screening company. It was during this transformative period that the bond between Ma'an and Komatsu blossomed.
As Ma'an evolved, so too did the intertwining of their fortunes, and over time, the bond of reliability and trust between them was nurtured through is the unique value they found in Komatsu.
What sets Komatsu apart, Eng. Abu Rakhieh highlights, is the unwavering commitment to customer care facilitated by their local distributor The Near East. They offer around-the-clock assistance and enable access to highly skilled engineers ready to provide prompt support when needed. 




“We extend our gratitude first and foremost to Near East for introducing us to these Komatsu machines.”



This is Komatsu’s sincere commitment that is extended to each and every valued customer. Together, Ma'an and Komatsu have forged a partnership based on mutual trust and driven by a shared purpose of “Creating Value Together.”
For Ma'an, Komatsu machines a key to sustaining operations on-site through their responsive support, availability of parts, and robust maintenance programs. This allows Ma'an to address any issues swiftly and get machines running with minimal disruptions. It is for these reasons that Komatsu has become a trusted ally in Ma'an's goal toward sustainability with approaches and priorities centered on both quality and safety, running in tandem with productivity.


The Near East Customer Journey: Transparency, Commitment, and Dedication

As our enlightening conversation with Eng. Abu Rakhieh comes to an end, he expresses his gratitude for the excellent customer journey they had with Komatsu starting from the initial transparent consultation they received from The Near East when choosing the machines.
From the beginning, he elaborates, The Near East provided transparent consultations to help Ma'an make the best equipment decisions. They offered valuable insights into Komatsu machines' strengths, particularly their renowned fuel efficiency compared to other machines, a key element for cutting down operational costs and saving the time associated with the refueling process.