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Voice of customer: Moh'd Yousef Al-Shbatat & Partners Co, Amman, Jordan
Published on 3/8/2024


Mr. Tariq Al-Shabatat, Moh'd Yousef Al-Shbatat & Partners Co General Manager

Location: Amman, Jordan

Moh'd Yousef Al-Shbatat & Partners Co and Komatsu: A Partnership That Fuels Growth

Moh'd Yousef Al-Shabatat & Partners Company (MYSH) stands as a leading general contracting company in Jordan, known for its expertise in road construction, runways, and mining contracting. Throughout its remarkable journey across various business sectors in the Kingdom, MYSH found a supportive ally in Komatsu Company, an alliance that has grown stronger over the course of time.
We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Tariq Al-Shabatat, General Manager of MYSH, who provided us with his insightful and authoritative perspective on this long-standing collaboration


From Past to Present: The Outcomes of An Unwavering Alliance

When we asked Mr. Tariq about the company’s development over the years, he recalled the time when the company was established in 1977, as a general contracting company working diligently to excel in a field characterized by a highly competitive spirit.
He mentioned that the dedication of the company’s employees to achieving excellence, and the presence of promising expertise and cadres striving for continuous development over four decades has enabled the company to diversify its business areas to include main road construction and airport runways. However, its most remarkable growth has been witnessed in the mining sector where it continues to actively pursue further future advancements.
With the ongoing increase in global demand for raw materials, such as phosphate and potash and with mining forecasted to remain one of the most prominent sectors in Jordan for the period between 2023 and 2024, MYSH stands ready to seize new opportunities for growth. Guided by the expertise of its staff and its well-informed strategic decisions driven by a steadfast commitment to excellence, MYSH remains prepared to contribute to the nation's economic growth and resource sustainability in collaboration with Komatsu machinery.
Today, MYSH is spearheading distinguished-quality projects at the national level in the mining sector while receiving the necessary technical support from Komatsu, a pivotal force that propels the company’s ambitious aspirations to attain the desired results outlined in its expansion plans. 




“We strongly advise any company seeking to enhance their mining operations to choose Komatsu as their trusted partner.”



The Near East Equipment Co: Jordan's Foremost Komatsu Distributor

When partnering with a heavy equipment supplier, there are certain features you look for that can make a huge difference in ensuring work efficiency. In this regard, Mr. Tariq sheds light on the company's operational priorities and how the Near East Equipment Company, the most famous distributor of Komatsu in Jordan, contributed to achieving its desired goals, standing side by side with the company to provide the required support.
Mr. Tariq explained that the after-sales support they receive from The Near East throughout the entire process, from the pre-purchase stage to the after-sales stages aligns perfectly with the company's expectations. Its commitment to delivering consistently satisfactory performance, he believes, is what solidifies its position as a trusted and reliable supplier.


Efficiency Meets Sustainability

When making sizable investments in heavy machinery, MYSH expects to receive support from a specialized team that can assist them in achieving their goals, reducing operational costs, and enhancing productivity. Mr. Tariq believes that The Near East recognizes these important aspects and constantly works to deliver them, supported by Komatsu’s commitment to providing excellence.
When they invest in a Komatsu machine, they know that Komatsu’s durable equipment will be exceptionally well-suited for their challenging projects. This means projects are executed right the first time and machinery consistently performs at peak productivity.