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Voice of customer: Al-Own BCM J.V, Amman, Jordan
Published on 3/8/2024


Eng. Bassam Ekeili, Al-Own BCM J.V Executive Director

Location: Amman, Jordan

Al-Own BCM J.V


Strong Alignment at the Root of Social Prosperity

Al-Own BCM J.V is a joint company that leverages the expertise of Al-Own Advanced for Contracting and BCM International Company, under the leadership of Eng. Aref Yousef Al Tarawneh and Eng. Mohammad Yousef Al Tarawneh.
Together, they have made significant strides in the mining sector, especially their collaborative work on the oil shale power plant project in Jordan, the largest private project with an investment value of USD 2.1 billion.
Given the opportunity to sit down with Eng. Bassam Ekeili, the executive director of Al Own BCM J.V, we were eager to know more about Al-Own BMC J.V. possible through the power of the Japanese-made machinery of Komatsu.   


Shaping the Mining Future with Komatsu

The partnership between Al-Own BCM J.V and Komatsu has demonstrated its resilience, spanning across the years.
Al-Own BCM J.V is a leading mining contractor in Jordan, established in 2012. As Eng. Ekeili elaborates, it has been a fleet of robust Komatsu machinery, including the mighty HD785 haul trucks.
Today, in Attarat mines - where Jordan achieves its peak monthly production - Al-Own BCM J.V relies on Komatsu WA900 wheel loader and haul trucks with their sustainable performance and impressive cost efficiency.
Eng. Ekeili has also revealed Al-Own BCM J.V 's plans to expand their achievements outside Jordan in near future with confidence in Komatsu as their enduring machinery partner.



“We are happy to use Komatsu machinery. We have found it invaluable in meeting our key aspirations in terms of reducing operational cost and achieving the desired goals.”



Sustaining Peak Performance through Dynamic Training 

One of the most effective approaches to enhancing productivity and maintaining sustainable operations is equipping the workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to optimize machine operations. This perspective is particularly important for Eng. Bassam Ekeili, who passionately emphasizes the transformative potential of impactful training programs.
This is closely aligned with Komatsu's policy of providing training utilizing the Dubai Training Demonstration Center for operators and service technicians to improve customer’s business and distributor’s support capabilities.


Komatsu and Al-Own BCM J.V: Leading the Sector Together

The Jordanian mining sector is currently experiencing a transformative phase of growth, as highlighted by Eng. Bassam Ekeili. This makes it an ideal environment that sets the stage for a more substantial, more impactful collaboration between Komatsu and Al-Own BCM J.V backed by The Near East, Komatsu's distributor in Jordan.
While Komatsu is renowned for its top-quality machines, he adds, The Near East brings the swift after-sales support necessary to keep their robust fleets operating at their fullest possible capacity. This complementary alliance is ideally suited to empower Al-Own BCM J.V on its path to sustained success.