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Voice of customer: Anwar Fahud Projects L.L.C., Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Published on 12/12/2023


Sheikh  Mahmood Huweishil - Managing Director, Anwar Fahud Projects L.L.C.

Location: Muscat, Oman

Business activity: Construction Company


Established in 1997 by the local Omani community, Anwar Fahud Projects (AFP) is one of the largest and most prominent road construction companies in Oman.

Anwar Fahud has successfully participated in large-scale construction and earthworks projects with high-profile public and private institutions across Oman, thanks to its strong emphasis on quality control and commitment to the highest global standards.


Long Stories with Long Roads: 23 Years of Anwar Fahud and Komatsu


With a partnership spanning over two incredible decades, we recently had the chance to sit down with Sheikh Mahmood Huweishil Ali Al Mahmoudi, the Managing Director, looking back on this journey. We explored the rock-solid bond between Komatsu and Anwar Fahud and their future plans that demonstrate their immense need for Komatsu heavy machinery.

It all started more than 20 years ago, as Sheikh Mahmood recalls. Komatsu and Anwar Fahud crossed paths in 2000, and from that point on, it became a smooth and successful experience with trust and integrity being the cornerstones of the partnership.

When asked about this strategic collaboration and what solidified their trust in Komatsu, Sheikh Mahmood replies.


Building on Solid Ground: Empowering Construction with High-Quality Machinery


According to Sheikh Mahmood, heavy equipment serves as the foundation of every construction business and lays the groundwork for success. Moreover, investing in a powerful fleet of machinery can increase your chances of securing larger projects and giving your business a significant boost.

However, it's not just about the sheer quantity of the machinery. Quality holds equal importance, if not more. High-quality machinery that boasts longer operating times, minimal downtime, and lower maintenance requirements supercharge construction capabilities and capacity.

To Anwar Fahud, Komatsu has been the epitome of high-quality machinery. Built with reliability, durability, and performance in mind, and with 100 years of experience and its Made-in-Japan label, Komatsu machinery has been the right investment for them.


“Komatsu’s equipment is robust. They provide meticulous maintenance and prompt equipment delivery to the sites. Throughout our entire collaboration, we haven’t encountered a single obstacle or challenge.” Below, we go more in-depth into that."


Komatsu Machinery:Beyond Quality


In the machinery landscape, the trifecta of quality, price, and aftersales support is paramount. A trifecta that only Komatsu has been able to achieve. In fact, when given the choice between the 3, Sheikh Mahmood emphasizes that Komatsu checks all 3 boxes.

He elaborates on the value for money that Komatsu machinery offers, stating that Komatsu strikes a balance between affordability and long-term value. He goes on to say that every piece of equipment is built with extraordinary emphasis on quality and provides a reliable force to operate in rigid construction sites.

And when it comes to aftersales support, Komatsu excels in that department too. Those were the words of Sheikh Mahmood. He believes that high-quality machinery is half of the battle, ensuring productivity and optimal project progress.

But naturally, equipment requires maintenance. And naturally, too, Komatsu is always here to support. Anwar Fahud relies on Komatsu’s responsive and technical-savvy aftersales support. “Whenever we contact Komatsu, they respond immediately and come to the site to repair the equipment as soon as possible.”

It’s what sets Komatsu apart. As Sheikh Mahmood puts it: “It is the comfort and peace of mind that comes with being assured of the availability of spare parts, effective communication, and equipment efficiency.”

This is where Saud Bahwan Company, Komatsu’s supplier in Oman, comes up in the conversation.

Whether it's purchasing a new piece of machinery, requesting maintenance, or seeking guidance, Anwar Fahud has consistently found the right person to assist them. Sheikh Mahmood mentions Mr. Ahmed Al Mukhaini's name, Saud Bahwan Senior Manager, in particular, and the word “exceptionally cooperative” follows to describe his exceptional support.


“Komatsu equipment is worth every penny as it’s of a superior quality”


Anwar Fahud and Komatsu: Future Allies


Oman is ripe with business opportunities in both the public and private sectors. And with a thriving economy and a government that is committed to infrastructure development, Oman makes for an ideal location for entrepreneurs looking to build a successful business.

On discussing the current and future projects of Anwar Fahud in 2023, he tells us that they are currently working on projects in the oil sector, from surveying and compacting to asphalting roads. Additionally, they also support the public sector including the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Transport.

This directly translates into a continuous state of demand for heavy equipment to execute their projects to the highest standards and with a commitment to the planned timeline.

“We bought a grader and roller a while ago, and now we will buy another grader and more than four rollers, excavators, and bulldozers. It’s a huge quantity.” But they always trust that Komatsu will deliver.

Sheikh Mahmood concludes by saying that the Japanese-Omani partnership between Komatsu and Anwar Fahud reinforces our mission to expand our operations and pave the way for more milestones and remarkable achievements for Anwar Fahud in Oman.