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Voice of customer: Haima Services Trading & Cont. Co. LCC, Haima and Muscat, Oman
Published on 12/12/2023


Eng. Mohammed Al-Harsoosi Chief Executive Officer, Haima Services Trading & Cont. Co. LCC

Location: Haima and Muscat, Oman

Business activity: Trading and Construction Company


Haima Services Trading & Cont. Co. is a local community contracting company that was established in 1996 in Wilayat Haima, Oman. It’s owned by the Al-Harsoosi Family and specializes in Civil & Mechanical construction activities in all Oil & Gas field locations within the Sultanate of Oman.

Thanks to their commitment to quality, compliance with safety regulations, and sustainable practices, Haima Services has built a credible reputation and positioned itself among the market leaders, providing a wide range of services to Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY), Oman Gas Company SOAC, Hydrocarbon Finder LLC ETC. in the Oil and Gas industry.


Haima Service’s Trust in Komatsu’s Made-in-Japan Brand Value


One of the main forces behind a long-standing successful business is a powerful partnership and for Haima Services, its collaboration with Komatsu is a demonstration of the fundamental role that Komatsu has played in supporting their growth for nearly two decades and a testament to Komatsu’s 100 Years of Creating Value Together.

In our talk with Eng. Mohammed Aboud Said Al-Harsoosi, the Chief Executive Officer of Haima Services Trading and Cont. Co., he took a trip down memory lane, recalling when they established their partnership with Komatsu in 2004.

Since then, Komatsu has been their first choice for heavy machinery, building an age-old trust that, for Haima Services, has come naturally. According to Eng. Mohammed, it all comes down to Komatsu’s Made-in-Japan brand value, which offers exceptional quality, efficiency, and sustainability qualities that you don’t usually find combined.

When selecting new equipment, quality does come first. But Eng. Mohammed points out that the efficiency of the equipment in terms of its long lifespan, minimum maintenance, and reduced fuel consumption is also a major factor in their purchase decision.

In a region where the lifespan of most equipment doesn’t exceed two or three years, Komatsu’s machinery stands out with its unmatched longevity and fewer breakdowns and maintenance requirements.

“Komatsu’s Japanese machinery is proven to be the best in terms of quality, price, and fuel consumption,” he says.


Komatsu Machinery: Built to Conquer the Desert’s Rugged Terrain


As we dive into our talk, we also discussed how their collaboration with Komatsu has empowered Haima Services to manage and execute highly complex construction projects across the Sultanate for years.

Eng. Mohammed states that demanding jobs call for powerful machinery. He goes on to explain that Oman has distinct topographic features with desert and rocky mountains as well as extremely hot and dry conditions. This makes it challenging to find robust machinery that can conquer such a rigorous environment and operate efficiently to maintain production levels.

For him, Komatsu machinery is specifically designed to withstand some of the most extreme site conditions. He attributes the durability and longevity of Komatsu’s machinery to its Made-in-Japan trademark.

Their investment in Komatsu’s machinery has equipped them to manage major projects in the oil and gas field with ease, confidence, and consistency. That has been a major driver of their customer’s trust and satisfaction, especially the Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO) Company which places a critical focus on time and speed.

Eng. Mohammed emphasizes their reliance on Komatsu and its agent Saud Bahwan,



Komatsu and Saud Bahwan: Where Reliability Meets Excellence.


When it comes to reliability, Eng. Mohammed instantly mentions Saud Bahwan, expressing his appreciation and satisfaction with their exceptional support in maintaining prompt response and effective assistance.

While the collaboration with Komatsu started around 2004 and 2005, Haima Services has been a client of Saud Bahwan for four or five years prior. According to him, Saud Bahwan is the strongest agent in the market on various fronts, including its infrastructure, showrooms, maintenance, and availability of spare parts.


“We collaborate with our clients to develop a strategic plan for completing the work promptly, as long as we know that we are backed with reliable machinery such as Komatsu” says Eng. Mohammed."


Haima Services and Komatsu’s Future Strategic Plans.


As our insightful talk with Eng. Mohammed drew to a close, we took the opportunity to ask him about Haima Service’s ongoing projects.

He expressed his satisfaction with their current progress and mentioned that they are currently expanding their scale and scope of work, including the fields of maintenance, construction, and more.

When asked about Haima Service’s fleet of Komatsu’s machinery, he replied “We use dozers, graders, loaders, and excavators such as PC450 and the smaller PC350. Actually, all of Komatsu's equipment is distinguished by  its strength and durability, that’s why it’s always our preferred choice”

Eng. Mohammed wraps up his talk, highlighting Oman's economic revival and rising need for construction machinery and expressing full confidence in Komatsu and Saud Bahwan's ability to consistently meet this demand.